The Region

We are in the heart of Chianti, a unique territory for tradition, nature and landscapes. Here in Radda in Chianti we are interpreters of the most authentic Tuscan traditions.

The cypresses

A distinctive symbol of the Tuscan landscape that inspired artists and poets, the cypresses decorate rural streets and gardens and the tall ones stand in the forests of oaks and chestnuts.

The vineyards

Put on the hills in long rows, the vineyards represent one of the most picturesque symbols of Tuscany. The territories of the three villages Radda, Castellina and Gaiole in Chianti determine the area for the production of the famous wine Chianti Gallo Nero

The olive tree

The olive is an indissoluble and characteristic part of the Tuscan landscape as well as the fragrant extra virgin olive oil is the ingredient at the base of all the dishes of local typical cuisine.

The Cinta Senese pig

The origins of the Cinta Senese are very ancient, there are testimonies dating back to the Middle Ages.

The characteristic feature is the presence of a white strap on a black-slate coat from which the name comes from. It is a very rustic and suitable race for outdoor living.

Free-range Cinta Senese pig in Chianti valley woods