Prosciutto Crudo nostrale

Sliced Prosciutto for a typical Italian antipasto. Our raw ham is traditionally worked with salt pepper garlic and natural flavourings and slowly maturing Whole seasoned local cured ham from Italian pigs

Obtained from legs of Italian pigs coated with wet salt on the area protected by the pork rind and with dry salt, pepper, garlic and natural flavours on the lean part. The legs are stored in cold rooms for salting (temperature +1° to +4°C, moisture 80%), then in a second cold room, the “rest room”. Here, after removing the residual salt, the legs are hung for 90 days. During this time, hams dry up slowly, then are washed and hung in natural air. Ageing now starts, in two stages: 9 months in properly aired premises with natural air exchange, then 9 months in cellars.