Italian mixed salami appetizer

Sliced Tuscany cured meats appetizer Whole Italian cured meats Chiantigiano salami Capocollo and prosciutto from Tuscany

Handcrafted prosciutto: it comes from legs of Italian pigs processed by hand.   After resting in the cold-storage room, it is washed and then hung in the natural air. Maturation starts now: up to nine months in well-ventilated premises and with natural air exchange, then in the cellar up to 16 months.

Chiantigiano salami: It is obtained from the processing of meat of Italian pigs whose finest parts are finely minced. The meat is cured with salt, black pepper grains, garlic, Chianti wine, from which it takes its sharp colour and typical aroma. Encased inside a natural casing, the Chiantigiano salami is dried and then allowed to mature for at least sixty days.

Capocollo: processed with salt, pepper, aromatic herbs and a long massage according to the tradition of Siena. Wrapped in straw paper, it matures for at least three months.